Man lives and dies in a world of savagery, death, decay, and change; yet God has placed eternity in his heart. Consequently, between him and his dwelling place; between him and his occupation; between him and all creation; there lies this great gulf of disproportion.

He is subject to all the vicissitudes of life on earth, yet he bears within himself a repressed, but immortal consciousness that he belongs to another whole order of things; which knows no change, no death, no decay. He possesses stifled and misinterpreted longings and memories after unchangeable being; the eternal glory of God; and insoluable peace: however starved; they remain still.

Thus endowed, and placed within the contexture of life; the perplexities and darkness of human society, and the variableness of the earthly condition: the soul of the natural man is full of the blank misgivings of a creature moving about in worlds neither recognized, nor realised – like a deer in the headlights.

It is only as we peer into this eternity; seeking Him who resides there, that we can even begin to understand man’s nature, and his position; and Almighty God’s immutable solution.