I have heard it argued, with some force and certainty, that the rending of the temple vail, was the Promise fleeing from the children of Jacob: that Israel, and all that was his, were henceforth cut off from the God of their fathers. As my great grandmother would have said “poppy cock!” It is not so! On this, God’s Word is clear; and His promises to Abraham true: He did not, has not, and will not abandon Israel. The rending of the veil was not the announcement of a Divine curse; it was the proclaimation of the glorious fulfillment of His Word; for the promise inherent in the vail – access unto God – had at last been secured and realised in the sacrifice of His Pascal Lamb for the sin of all. In the rending we realise the possibilities of direct access to Almighty God; and the release of these possibilities outward to the world at large. That grace that can flow only by means of blood, empowered by His pent-up love litterally exploded through the vail in His outward rush to bring reconciliation and healing to all who would come. This great event marks the fulfillment of all His promises; not the revocation of them!