The prophet fulminates a bitter proclamation:
Abandonment of the reprobate…….a famine of the Word;
Across the land…….a thick and heavy darkness.
None shall come to them:
No prophet; no counselor; no faithful reprover;
None to point the way to salvation;
No one to assure of the mercy of God.
Deprived of His forebearing grace,
They disquiet themselves and make a great noise;
Yet, in vain will their howling rend the air,
For He hath forbidden the upright
To return even nigh unto them.
In vain shall they bite the bridle,
And torment shall be their companion.
He will not suffer them to hear what they ought;
But to pine away in their evils;
Without remedy…….without hope:
The severest of God’s judgments
On this side of the worm that never dieth,
And the fire that is never quenched.