I am the flower,
Even the Rose of Sharon,
Clothed in fragrant grace.

In the wilderness,
I shall blossom in the dew,
Sweet fragrance for all.

East in the desert,
You shall find Me among thorns,
Calling you softly.

Beloved, come to Me
Stroll and play, learn more of Me,
I am Life to you.

To the abscised soul,
I am the balm of Gilead,
To soothe and refresh.

To the downtrodden,
The Lilley of the valley,
Adorned in Glory.

Come ye unto Me,
That I may take root in you,
And Blossom within.

My yoke is easy,
Just a small burden I bring,
In exchange for life.

Bend low with thine ear,
Hear the whisper of My heart,
Come to Me my love.