Formed according to His pleasure,
In keeping with the Holy plan,
To enjoy the transcendent minglings
Of kindred personalities; as a Father with His sons.
To know Him; to live with Him;
To draw life and truth from Him.
Yet ….. we would not.
Forsaking  Love, prescience,and comformance,
We fled; and we hasted swiftly away
At the Voice of His Thunder.

Yet who can flee from the Living God?
What place is so deep
That He is not deeper still?
What place of darkness
Where His Glory does not shine?
Evicted; banished from His Face,
The blissful center of our creation,
Our right and proper dwelling,
Whose affection we kept not,
Begetting only turmoil and ageless restlessness.

Even so, the Infinite bonds of His love
Are not so easily shattered and cast assunder.
Through Infinite Wisdom and Sublime Charity,
A Way would be opened to us:
A reconciliation ……. a path of return,
To communion and the presence of the Living One.
The Golden Lampstand; yea even the Lord
Was given ……. a Blood sacrifice
Upon the brazen altar of Eternity,
Opening a Way into the High Place toward all who believe.

For God, who is rich in mercy,
And for the great love
With which He loved us,
Delivered acceptance unto us
In one Body; by the cross;
Having slain the emnity thereby;
And having made peace through Blood;
To reconcile all things unto Himself;
Whether they be in Earth or in Heaven.
As He is both the Author and Finisher of our faith.