The Question:

This question I have had in the past came to mind again this afternoon while I was listening to a past Saturday ZNFNT show. When Z was talking about the dead guy coming to him from hell.


I have always thought, and I’m going out on a limb here, opening myself up for a beat down, but here goes: How is it just to be sentenced to hell for eternity for crimes committed during such a fleeting lifetime? Say 80 years of living vs an eternity of suffering. Let’s do the math here, there is no comparison. The only hope would be to no longer exist, if that’s possible. And then in my case; a life with decades of loneliness, isolation, and depression and then comes an eternity of more of the same in spades?! wtf?

The Answer:

We are creatures of eternity. As such, this means that we had an existence prior to our current incarnation; for if we are eternal, it must go both ways (forward and backward) or eternity is a myth–you can’t have half an eternity; or you change the definition of eternity. The penalty we pay for failure to return to God in this life is a reinstatement of the original penalty handed out in eternity for our rebellion against God before the creation of this world. Life here and the sacrifice of our Lord on our behalf are now our only opportunity to return to our original state of grace and eternity. For those who fail to take this opportunity, the penalty is simply a re-imposition. Therefore, it is an eternity of sin, not just 80 yrs or so, that recieves an eternal punishment.

Some of Zeph’s messages have dealt with this; plus my podcast on eternity in the heart touches on it briefly; try giving these a re-listen and see if that helps.