He said, ‘Peace be upon you,’.
But you know, for peace,
I had great bitterness:
Blood on the hands,
Gall on the tongue,
Unforgiveness in the heart;
The way of peace,
I did not know:
Could not know.

As darkness enveloped,
Mischief came upon mischief;
Suddenly, in the thick of shadows:
A light ……. Overwhelming Light!
I was without strength — speechless.
The old man exposed ……. slain.
Promise pierced my soul.
A fresh mind; a clear heart; a new life;
Suddenly Awake!  ……. Astounded!

The Spirit is Life…and Peace,
Flowing from Him; through the Body;
Unto the world ……. Unrecognized;
Unrequited …….It must be so;
“For the fruit of righteousness
Is sown in the peace of them that make peace.
And He who formed the Light
And created the darkness.
Will keep that soul in His peace.