a shepherds heart4Men speak of
The passions that clog,
With the evasive assurance
Of a superficial and reckless mind;
As face answers only
To face in a glass:
The apprehension of pain,
The fear of death,
The dread of the world’s laugh
Enslave alike;
Yet it is not to enjoy,
But to be, that we long for;
A craving, with which
We can part, only,
When we sink below humanity,
For ignorance is the worm
That gnaws the blossom;
Yet the eye, strong enough
To pierce the shadow of death;
Is not troubled because
The mist is dispelled…….and
Seeks not the strength,
Of strengthless dreams:
Striking from the soul,
The fetters of sense;
He delivers, from the
Illusions of time and matter:
Ye shall be free indeed:
It is a grand word, indeed;
Comforting in its simplicity;
It is a word of wonder…….indeed:
There are many kinds of liberty,
But only One “indeed.”