cup6If He has made me,
How shall I be hidden from Him?
If I speak to Him, if I utter words ever so low,
If I but think these words to Him;
Nay, if I only think of Him,
Surely He, the essence of my life,
Hears, and knows:
Then shall I not think to Him?
Shall I not tell Him my troubles…….
How He, even He,
Has troubled me by making me…….
How unfit I am to be that which I am?
That my being is not being to me,
Without Him in it?
Shall I not tell Him
That I need Him to comfort me?
His breath to move upon
Those faces of chaos within me?
Shall I not cry to Him
To be in me?
To quiet this uneasy motion called life?
If it be life, for me to cry thus,
If I cannot but cry,
It is essential that He should hear,
He cannot but hear.