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the pedals of the rose
fold softly
in the morning dew
piercing the scars
with beads of life
pooling deep
in a heart so pure


One of the great prayer traditions of our faith…….intercessory prayer in the moment, in the Spirit, almost seems to have gone missing across the Body of Christ in the public frenzy that is our modern life. So, what seems to be our problem? Do we lack faith…….or just the time? Or do we realize at all that the connective tissue of our prayers is what binds us together as one in our common Lord?

When God brings someone to mind in the moment; stop…….take the time to picture that person in your thoughts, try to recall his or her character and giftings, and then thank God for that person. Ask the Lord to equip and use him fully. Then recall any of that their struggles and lift them up to the Lord for resolution. And if God brings to your prayer any concern that appears to be sourced in Him…….through His Spirit, and beyond anything that you might know in the natural about that person, then pray, my friends, pray until you pray it through…….you will know.

One of my great concerns for the Body of Christ today is that, as we have been scattered by our Lord, and covered in His blood for our own protection, we are becoming disjointed as a body, with all the parts seeking for their own guidance and losing track of the bigger picture…….and the larger body…….and in this, losing connection to each other, and in that, weakening the whole of the body at the very time that we need to come together as one in His strength.

You know, I know something about strength and lifting…….I know that the two go hand in hand…….you don’t get one without the other…….the same is true for the walk in the Spirit, my friends…….if you would maintain your strength in our Lord, you must always be lifting…….lifting His brethren up before Him. So be that person who lifts others at all times…….do this for strength in the members…….do this for the power of unity within the body…….for in the lifting do we grow strong…….and the tendrils our our prayers tie and bind us together in Him…….making us stronger still.

No more powerful exercise exists for our Lord’s body while here on earth; yet it is one that today’s believers seem to practice all too infrequently as small differences get in the way; and the needs of day to day life simply crowd out our concern for those unseen others who share our faith.

So, my friends, my message…….my plea to you is to pray differently…….and to live differently…….reach out to me, my brothers and sisters; as I reach out to you…….lift for your strength; lift for the strength of your brethren; lift for the strength of the whole body, as we prepare for what could be dark days ahead……..for we will soon need all parts of the body alive, at full strength, and connected together…….I am convinced of it.

I want to sing to my Lord
pure and free…….

I want to sing to my Lord
and not worry that I’m off key…….or out of step

I want to sing to my Lord
through the night…….into the Light

I want to sing to my Lord
of yearning and mourning and black dog skies

I want to sing to my Lord
for awakenings…….and eyes yet to open

I want to sing to my Lord
tales of freedom and freedom’s Kingdom

I want to sing to my Lord
songs from a heart that is willing in the day

I want to sing to my Lord
in lyrics of laughter…….of love…….of hope

I want to sing to my Lord
what else can I do…….what more can I be?

I want to sing to my Lord
for without a song…….there is no life; there is no me


a reverie

we are all
creatures of the imagination
flying free across the sky
in a reverie
unbounded by feathers…….

fixed in wanderlust
like fairy dust on the night air
beholding the stars
befriending the moonlight
and the winds that birth tornadoes…….

the freedom to fly
to lift above it all
is the freedom to wander
as oasis one day
and storm cloud the next…….

the fingers of dawn

i am
the fingers of dawn,
stretching forth
against the darkness
extending my heart,
awestruck by the gift,
the beauty,
and the miracle
of a new day
touched; awakened
realigned and healed:
i am soul; i am heart
i am spirit:
i am prayer

undulating perfection

so many winding roads
paths connected…….paths tangent
paths unseen…….even paths unknown
yet none are bespoken
to the seeking lamb
for all are somehow inherent
in his universe
for all he knows…….all he sees
has at its center
that life-long love
around which all paths
gather themselves
with the undulating perfection
of birds in flight


i have an Egyptian friend who runs a little store down the street…….we often talk about our faiths and one day he said that it was interesting that we could be friends and still be so far apart in our approach to God…….i told him that my Word says that if any man truly seeks God, he will find Him, and i asked him if his word said the same…….he said yes it does…….and i answered, then perhaps we are not so far apart after all…….then came a broad grin and a hug between to men and 2 faiths


the sun settles early
on a cold November night
the depth of a soul
in flashes of
dying light
bouncing across the ripples
of my pond

life is faint
in the passing of the day
for the pedal
in the water
seeking that last
glimpse of light
in its dying dance
upon the waves

yet still i see the
miracle of promise
written in the
soft folds of
the rose pedal
who is its last hour
shared a life
with me

My Prayer

for the wholeness of thy people
may we come together
in Your power and Your glory
that we may ponder the beauty of God
in still waters and quiet spaces
may we hear the voice of God
whispered in the wind
may we find the stillness of God
in shimmer of the rainbow,
melding the moods of heaven and earth
in our seasons of beginnings and endings,
in our days darkness and light


i am reminded
of the harried patterns
within timeless moments;
in the confluence
of time and eternity,
in the endless interaction between
the living and the dead…….
alive in the moment…….
only moments apart.